Fast Cutting, Versatile CNC Router for Signs & Graphics

Productivity gets a boost with the Trident router – a CNC machine optimized for speed and versatility. With triple-head technology, a twin-knife and heavy-duty router spindle, it delivers lightning fast cutting and overwhelming power to take on the broadest range of materials. From routing aluminium and acrylic to cutting vinyl, foam board, and rubber, the opportunities to create new products are endless.


  1. Expand your product line with the Trident’s large process area – From 60 inches/1.52 m to 128 inches/3.25 m in width and 48 inches/1.21 m to 50 ft/15.24 m in length,  you can make products you may not have even considered before, like brackets, fixtures or shelving units that attach to your signmaking creations.
  2. Cut any depth of material with superior knife options – Choose the tangential, oscillating, or a combination of both, with blades up to 4.75 inches long, to cut material in a variety of thickness.
  3. Reduce operator downtime with the Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) – Available in 7, 10, 14 or 21 station tool holder capacity, the ATC saves valuable time automatically selecting tools without manual effort.
  4. Eliminate waste material with the AXYZ Vision System (AVS) – When used with cutting pre-printed material, the AVS system quickly finds and recognizes conventional registration marks to adjust the cutting path, providing exact alignment and 100% accuracy.

Combine all these features together and you’re working with the most versatile, configurable machine in the industry.


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