Video Showcase – Machining Aluminum with the AXYZ Pacer CNC Router

The AXYZ Pacer is a robust CNC router capable of machining non-ferrous metals such as aluminum. This video demonstrates some of the processes that are possible with the Pacer including drilling, mitering, counter sinking, tapping, and profile cutting. MATERIAL: 8mm thick aluminum tool plate TOOLS FEATURED IN THE VIDEO: Carbide V Bit   Tapping Tool […]

Lubricating Systems for Superior Cut Aluminum Edges

When machining aluminum and other non-ferrous materials, it’s common for parts to come out looking a little rough around the edges. Not the result you’re looking for?  Try using a lubrication/coolant system that attaches to your CNC router, like the AXYZ Unist Mister. This system easily mounts onto the back of the carriage and can […]

AXYZ CNC Router Machines Makes Foam Cutting for Duct Boards Easy

The benefits of using rigid foamboard extends beyond typical wall insulation. When applied to duct board, it’s both an efficient and economical way to stop air leaking out of ducts that are cracked or improperly installed. It also stops water dripping when condensation forms due to cool air traveling through warms areas of a building. […]

Top Reasons to Choose the Multi-Purpose Trident for Cutting Different Foam Thicknesses

When it comes to cutting foam of different thicknesses, the “one tool cuts all” approach won’t work.  This is especially true if you’re cutting polyurethane (PU) and polyethylene (PE) – two of the most common types of foam used in packaging. PU is hard and high density, so a router cutter will easily do the […]


The Infinite Router excels at meeting the unique needs of different industries. From plastics, to rubber, to woodworking – its versatility allows for high precision cutting in a variety of applications. The Marine Industry in particular has achieved a high level of success with the Infinite’s multi-functional capacity.  Whether it’s intricate designs for boat furniture […]

Infinite Router: Ideal Solution for Plastic Fabricators

As demands for plastic products continue to increase, businesses are turning to manufacturing automation to help them thrive in a competitive marketplace. CNC machines play a huge role in this strategy, effectively broadening a shop’s capabilities and reducing times for completing projects. If you’re a plastic fabricator looking for a robust machine that can cut […]