Introducing the New WOODWORKER CNC Router: A Revolutionary Solution for High-Volume Woodworking Production

It’s been a long road of product design, building, testing, and now, launching. We’re very excited to announce AXYZ’s latest CNC Router: the all-new WOODWORKER! Designed to revolutionise the woodworking industry, this powerful all-in-one solution is engineered for fast and effortless high-volume cabinetry and furniture production. With its customised machine configuration and a range of […]

Fast Cutting, Versatile CNC Router for Signs & Graphics

Productivity gets a boost with the Trident router – a CNC machine optimized for speed and versatility. With triple-head technology, a twin-knife and heavy-duty router spindle, it delivers lightning fast cutting and overwhelming power to take on the broadest range of materials. From routing aluminium and acrylic to cutting vinyl, foam board, and rubber, the […]

metalworker cnc router

Heavy Duty CNC Router Ideal for Cutting Aluminum

Check any online forum where machinists share ideas, and questions about how to cut aluminum properly on a CNC machine pop up on a regular basis. Identifying the proper tools, correct speeds and the importance of chip extraction are all hot topics keeping these boards alive. But there’s one thing about cutting aluminum that warrants […]