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Technical Tip Of The Week: A guide to CNC tooling

In the world of CNC there are so many options to choose and when it comes to tool selection it is no different. Tool selection is critical when it comes to achieving a desired surface finish, tool life, or cut speed of a specific material. Tooling manufacturers go to great lengths to engineer tools to deal with specific aspects and properties of certain materials. Selecting the right tool for the job could determine whether a job fails or succeeds.

CNCshop: Unlimited Choice, Ultimate Convenience

In most industries, speedy, on time delivery of equipment and supplies is vital to avoid and reduce any possible downtime. AXYZ, a leading manufacturer of CNC routers and knife cutting systems, recognized this issue. They created a solution for customers to quickly order and receive necessary spare parts and consumables to keep their businesses running […]

New One Stop Shop for all Your CNC Tooling and Consumables

Announcing a brand new, easy to navigate, website dedicated to supplying a highly comprehensive range of quality tooling and accessories for your CNC router. Selecting the right tooling for your machine is just as important as choosing the right equipment in the first place. The quality of the finished cut and overall appearance you […]