#DidYouKnow: AXYZ has over 60 CNC support staff worldwide

With offices across the globe, AXYZ prides itself in providing fast and efficient technical CNC support to customers from locally trained specialists. Technical CNC support is often a major concern with potential buyers, especially with respect to ongoing maintenance of CNC routers. Given how valuable time is, the quality of support should all be part […]

#DidYouKnow: Remote diagnostics saves time and gets you back up and running quicker

The concept of automation symbolises high quality and productivity, so ensuring customers experience minimal downtime is essential. Remote diagnostics provides timely and cost-effective solutions to minor but disruptive issues. With factory trained and local technicians worldwide, AXYZ is able to diagnose problems without coming to site, saving money and eliminating downtime in the process. Simple […]

#DidYouKnow: AXYZ has manufactured 6,000 CNC Routers in Burlington, Ontario

AXYZ, a leader in global CNC router manufacturing, is proud to announce the sale of its 6,000th machine. The company first started making CNC routers at its Burlington, Ontario facility in October 1994. Currently, AXYZ builds a machine and a half per day or around 380-400 per year. Still going strong after 23 years, AXYZ […]