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Learn all about our extensive range of AXYZ CNC Routers. Choose between our five major brands – the Infinite, Innovator, METALWorker, Trident and PANELBuilder.

Each brochure looks in detail at process areas, system strengths, machine features and machine options, to help you make an informed decision.  Customize your machine for the perfect tailored cutting solution.


Receive a copy of the latest brochure delivered right to your Inbox!  Submit the form below and specify the product model (Infinite, Innovator, METALWorker, Trident or PANELBuilder) you’re interested in. You can also request a copy of a brochure by email to


Contact your local sales and support office, and take the next step to a long-lasting and profitable relationship.  You can also complete an online contact form with your specific requirements here.



- AXYZ CNC Router Machines that require any level of customization do not qualify

- Shipping (2), Taxes (3) and Installation (4) do not qualify

- Custom Packing does not qualify

- Excludes used machines

- Machines purchased from Dealers, Distributors and our Referral Programs do not qualify

- Cannot combine discounts from other programs

- Standard payment terms apply to all eligible orders

- Standard Company terms and conditions apply to all eligible orders


(1)   – Confirmed “standard” orders are firm orders with a down payment applied

(2)   – Shipping costs are a pass through and do not qualify for the discount

(3)   – Taxes including all GST, HST, QST, FST, VAT, etc. do not qualify for the discount

(4)   – Installation Costs are highly variable and do not qualify for the discount

(5)   – AXYZ reserves the right to terminate the program early or extend the program at their discretion

(6)   – Trade-in CNC machine must be placed outside of company facility to allow unrestricted pick up