#DidYouKnow: Remote diagnostics saves time and gets you back up and running quicker

The concept of automation symbolises high quality and productivity, so ensuring customers experience minimal downtime is essential. Remote diagnostics provides timely and cost-effective solutions to minor but disruptive issues. With factory trained and local technicians worldwide, AXYZ is able to diagnose problems without coming to site, saving money and eliminating downtime in the process.

Simple and efficient

The benefit of remote diagnostics is its simplicity. It starts with the customer reporting an issue through one of the following methods:

  1. Filling out an online support request form
  2. Sending an email to our service department
  3. Calling the AXYZ technical support line at 1-800-361-3408

No matter how the issue is reported, the solution is the same. A ticket is created by a member of the Customer Care team and entered into the system, where it is then assigned to a service technician. Customers are contacted within the hour, and 60 percent of the time, the issue is resolved within 1 hours. If customers are members of one of AXYZ’s Service Support Plans, their issue receives priority status and resolutions are even quicker.

“Regardless of the issue the customer is experiencing,” explains Matt Smith, Distribution Manager. “We will be able to direct the customer to a resolution.”

Minimized costs

With remote diagnostics enabled, technicians get access to the CNC machine’s computer system to quickly assess and troubleshoot the situation. A majority of the time, the issue is resolved over the telephone without going onsite. For issues that require an onsite visit, a telephone call allows the technician to get to the root cause quickly and identify what parts to bring to the customer. Less time onsite means higher level of productivity and minimized downtime– a definite plus for the customer.

When it comes to identifying which issues are better suited for the process than others, it’s next to impossible. The issues are as wide and varied as the types of machines AXYZ makes. Whether it’s electrical, mechanical or software – all issues can be diagnosed using AXYZ’s tried and tested remote diagnostics process.

Real time communication

One of the great features of the AXYZ process is the proprietary app installed on every service technician’s tablet. This automates the service department and creates a paperless environment. “Everything we do now is through our tablets,” states Smith. “This gives us on time, real time communication and lets our service technician see the service history onsite or at AXYZ headquarters.”

Five common mistakes to avoid

AXYZ’s research shows that CNC machine owners can take a few simple steps to maximize productivity and efficiency when using router technology.

These include:

  1. Selecting the correct machine settings
  2. Choosing the appropriate cutting tool
  3. Understanding the work-holding system
  4. Training operators for specific applications
  5. Using quality data and developing a program strategy

For more information, read our blog post Common mistakes to avoid when using CNC Router Technology.

About AXYZ:

AXYZ is a leading global manufacturer of CNC router and knife cutting systems. From a two-man beginning in 1990 to now, AXYZ has manufactured, sold, installed and supported over 10,500 CNC machines for use in a variety of applications.

AXYZ have a whole host of CNC router systems, including Pacer, Trident, Optimus, PANELBuilder, Z Series and AXYZ Series