technical tip of the week

Technical Tip Of The Week: Successful V-Carving On Your CNC Router

V Carving is a fast and easy way to create great looking signs and other products. Unlike full 3D machining V Carving is fast – it doesn’t require multiple passes and the results are very impressive. The simplicity of V carving is what makes it attractive. All you need to supply is a 2D design and the software will do the rest.

technical tip of the week

Technical Tip Of The Week: A guide to CNC tooling

In the world of CNC there are so many options to choose and when it comes to tool selection it is no different. Tool selection is critical when it comes to achieving a desired surface finish, tool life, or cut speed of a specific material. Tooling manufacturers go to great lengths to engineer tools to deal with specific aspects and properties of certain materials. Selecting the right tool for the job could determine whether a job fails or succeeds.

Technical Tip Of The Week: What can I cut with an oscillating knife?

With over 368,058 standard machine configurations to choose from and multiple cutting options, we thought it may be useful to focus on the oscillating knife in more detail. Oscillating vs. Tangential At AXYZ we offer two knife units; tangential and oscillating. The tangential knife is the more robust of the two options, intended for processing […]