AXYZ Automation Group new logo

AXYZ International Announces Rebrand to AXYZ Automation Group

After the successful acquisition of WARDJet in April 2018, we decided a new look and feel to our name and logo was necessary to more accurately reflect our combined impact on the CNC router and waterjet cutting industry. Starting February 1, 2019, AXYZ Automation Group will be the official new name for AXYZ International and includes our three distinct brands – AXYZ, WARDJet and CNCshop. Colors and symbols were also revamped and the tagline “CNC Routers and Knife Systems” was created to distinguish the AXYZ brand for a more router specific audience.

Like many companies who undertake a rebrand, we felt it was important to incorporate a bit of the past into our present structure. If AXYZ Automation sounds familiar, it’s because it was the original AXYZ name back in the 90’s. Adding “Group” signifies that we’re offering more than just routers. The renewed focus is in automation, backed by a broad and deep product line of waterjets and CNC routers.  A customer-focused approach to producing automation solutions, as well as providing continued product support, realigns the company with the demand that the next generation of manufacturing will usher in. We also revamped the logo and are quite pleased with the result — strong, dynamic and a forward march into the new possibilities of automation.

Favicon-old-to-new AXYZ International Announces Rebrand to AXYZ Automation Group

The router bit on the left is replaced with a 3-dimensional cube that’s more aligned with automated manufacturing.

New Look, Same Quality

We’ve committed to providing our customers with the same level of high-quality products and support than ever before.  Whether it’s an enhancement to our current product line, new promotion on parts and accessories, or choosing from a wide selection of service packages , AXYZ will continue to be the one stop shop for all things CNC related.  For those interested in acquiring in-depth technical knowledge, we’ll continue to post blogs on both router and waterjet tips and techniques to share our insights and help you enjoy your CNC machine for many years to come.  It may be a new look and name, but our values remain the same.

Attend a CNC Expo Event

In the next phase of our evolution, we’ll be holding CNC Expos across Canada and the US to showcase our new product line and renewed focus on automated manufacturing. Attend a scheduled workshop to see our machines in action or ask one of our Technical Specialists a question about specific applications, materials or maintenance support. For specific product enquiries, contact a member of your local Customer Care team or fill out our online contact form.

Embrace change, invest in your team, invest in your community, and deliver the customer promise.”
– Luke Hansen-Macdonald, President, AXYZ Automation Group.