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In conjunction with excellence in manufacturing, AXYZ offers a support team that is second to none. Each sales and service office has one or more technicians to provide local support and training to our customers. Our local support experts are backed up by a skilled support team at the main office. The cross-trained technical support team is available for on-site maintenance and repair, and uses advanced web-based support options to perform remote diagnostics and correct control related issues.

Using these same advanced web solutions, AXYZ can deliver professional software training to you and your staff without the associated costs of travel.

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Our hotline puts AXYZ customers in direct contact with an experienced and knowledgeable team of technical-support specialists who understand the business and application requirements of every AXYZ product.

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Email support lets customers email questions directly to the technical-services team, which addresses issues quickly and accurately.

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Web support, a direct PC-to-machine support service, allows our experienced team of technicians to connect directly to your CNC machine or design station to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

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Our team of technical experts are strategically worldwide. If an on-site visit is required, a representative will be there as soon as they can, usually in one of our specially outfitted service vehicles.

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Each AXYZ CNC machine installation is efficiently carried out by factory-trained technicians, putting your machine into production as soon as possible.

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The AXYZ training courses are designed to have you up and running as quickly as possible. Operators will not only learn the details of machine operation, but also how to apply them to your unique applications. Courses can be customized and conducted out at any of AXYZ service office or at your location.

AXYZ Service Packages



AXYZ offer specialized support for your AXYZ machine including annual maintenance packages, maintenance logs, service tickets and online training.

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The Gold package is an extension of the Silver and Bronze packages, bundled with our SMART Preventive Maintenance program. Priority telephone access, 5 hours free online training, 15% discount for additional hours and 15% discount on parts, tooling and consumables.

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The Silver package is an extension to the basic Bronze package, bundled with A2MC upgrades and GUI modules. The Silver package includes 3 hours of FREE online training and 10% discount on all additional hours. This package provides 10% discount on our CNCshop store on parts, tooling and consumables.

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The Bronze package includes our basic annual telephone support program, which entitles you to direct contact with our service technicians by phone to resolve any machine or tooling issues.

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Annual maintenance and support service for PanelBuilder customers using either the current software Version 16 or the previous Version 13. Receive free software updates, 10% discount on licence purchases and online training and telephone support packages.

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AXYZ Smart Program has incorporated a semi-annual preventive maintenance option for router tables. Here at AXYZ we realise that downtime costs you money, with our new smart program you can prevent unplanned failures.

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Cutting tools are the ultimate connection between your CNC machine and your workpiece. Cutting tools are designed by specialized companies who use modern CNC grinding techniques to mass produce high-quality cutting tools.

CNCshop is our consumables and service division which sources and tests a wide range of tools for a variety of materials and applications and offers only the best to our customers. CNCshop stocks thousands of parts available for next-day delivery.



CNC Router Coach is a unique series of online remote training and support packages offered by AXYZ, designed to help you get the most out of your CNC router. Various support and training packages already are available for several CAD systems and basic CNC router operation and more are being added all the time.

Online remote support and training from our technical professionals are available. Speak with an AXYZ technical support specialist in real time for remote diagnostics. This option eliminates the need for on-site service calls and reduces costly downtime and expense. Support and training packages include options for PanelBuilder, router operation and V-carve Pro Software.



Designed to help our customers fully understand their CNC Router system, AXYZ have developed an online support centre rich with invaluable content. This online support centre offers detailed documentation including: Fault Recovery advice, Function Codes, FAQs and much more additional documentation.