CNC Routers

AXYZ CNC routers eliminate day-to-day pain points from your business

With over 368,058 standard CNC router configurations, we work closely to define the right CNC router for your needs. We manufacture innovative, industrial CNC routers, delivering high productivity and remarkable cut quality all at an affordable price. Focusing on innovative, customization and exceptional service, AXYZ has a CNC router machine to suit any project.

All of our CNC routers come with a whole host of optional features, with our Infinite Series being the most customizable. The Infinite offers virtually any width and length, and its endless list of options and is most popular in signmaking, metal fabrication, plastic fabrication and woodworking. Our Pacer Series is a powerful, heavy-duty option, aimed at plastic fabricators, metal fabricators and aerospace applications that require extremely high tolerances.

Trident, the CNC hybrid, takes machinery to the next level with both lightning fast knife cutting and overwhelming routing capabilities to take on broader projects. Trident is extremely popular with signmaking and print finishing applications, as well as foam processing.

PANELBuilder is hugely popular in aluminum composite and metal composite cladding with its very own powerful software package. While, for the budget conscious or first time users, the low-cost Z series is ideal.

Benefits of using AXYZ CNC Routers

With over 10,500 CNC routers across 113 countries we serve all types of industries including but not limited to: aluminum composite and metal composite cladding, signmaking, graphics & print finishing, cabinetry, woodworking, plastic fabrication, metal fabrication, foam processing, point of purchase, solid surface and many more. Every router is built in Canada, and we pride ourselves in delivering the best technology and service around.

An AXYZ CNC router will:

  • Eradicate the need for outsourcing, saving time and money.
  • Improve turnaround with AXYZ products offering up to 70% faster production capabilities than manual processes.
  • Improve bottom line, reduce human error and material wastage by up to 30% by getting it right on the first pass.

Invest in an AXYZ CNC router for both premium products and service. To learn more about our CNC routers, browse our range below, request a quote, or find one of our eight local AXYZ sales and services offices in North America.




Please select your application to help you decide which AXYZ CNC router is right for your business.



Manufacturers looking to process non-ferrous metals in low to high volume manufacturing environments will benefit from a standard list of features that make METALWORKER CNC Router among the best machines in the market specifically engineered for high precision part production in nested-based CNC operations.

Heavy duty steel base and gantry provides a rigid structure for vibration free machining and best cut quality

Helical rack and pinion drive systems allow high acceleration, smooth, quiet running and high dimensional accuracy

Servo motors on all axes with planetary gearboxes for reliable high speed performance

Fully configurable head and tooling options for all materials and applications

Primary Applications
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Aluminum & Metal Composite Cladding



A popular, highly configurable CNC machine, the Infinite Series is suitable for one-off, small batch production as well as high volume and high productivity applications.

The most configurable CNC machine in the industry

Process areas to suit all sheet sizes and budgets

Versatile head and tooling options for all materials and applications

Fully customisable systems are built to order for unique business requirements

Primary Applications
  • Foam Processing
  • General Woodworking
  • Graphics & Print Finishing
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Interiors
  • Exhibition Stands
  • Plastic Fabrication
  • Point of Purchase
  • Signmaking
  • Aluminum & Metal Composite Cladding



Processing a wide range of materials requires more than one cutting head. The Trident combines three different cutting technologies to provide maximum versatility by offering a choice of routing spindle and two knives, which can be either tangential, oscillating, or a combination of both.

Hybrid triple head on narrow carriage for small footprint

High power routing spindle for fast processing of tough materials

Tangential and oscillating knife tools for all flexible and semi-rigid materials

High gantry clearance allows processing of materials up to 5" thickness

Primary Applications
  • Foam Processing
  • Graphics & Print Finishing
  • Point of Purchase
  • Signmaking



The new PANELBuilder system is the most sophisticated, all-in-one solution on the market. By combining advanced, easy-to-use software with custom machine design, it processes all types of cladding materials faster, more consistently and at a lower cost than ever before.

Endless machine process areas to suit all standard machine sizes

Dedicated CAD/CAM software for automated panel fabrication

Automated nesting for optimal production, auto programming and job sheet creation

A library of parametric templates for quick duplication and resizing in a few clicks.

Primary Applications
  • Aluminum & Metal Composite Cladding



The all new AXYZ Innovator builds on the legacy of AXYZ CNC router machines manufactured to process the widest range of materials. Optimized for prototype, signs and graphics, woodworking shops, and educational institutions, the Innovator is equipped with powerful integrated servo motors, an optional tool changer, and standard helical rack. Choose from two standard sizes that fit the most common sheets sized for this market.

Exclusive enclosed 3 position tool changer option

A solid steel frame with cast gantry legs for added rigidity

Integrated servo motors for smooth motion and high traversing speeds

Premium helical racks offering a new level of cut quality

Designed to be more easily upgradable for option installations in the future

Primary Applications
  • Signmaking
  • General Woodworking
  • Prototyping
  • Educational Institutions