Plastic Fabrication


Delivering a clean, polished cut edge

AXYZ leads the industry in CNC router systems for plastic fabrication application. This comes from our specialization in production CNC Router machinery for quality cutting and also our local service capability. The demands of plastic fabricators include volume production, consistency in part production, smoothness of cut quality and high up-time operation. Our system will satisfies all these demands and more.

With machine sizes designed to fit the wide range of material sizes, and with productivity options including multiple carriages, AXYZ has been the choice of hundreds of plastic-fabrication facilities around the world. These facilities have included display builders, clean room builders, plastic tank builders, PVC Duct work fabricators, tanks and truck liners and more.

Consider an Automatic Tool Changer if your production requirements are low to mid volumes, with multiple processes often required. A multiple head machine is ideal if your production requirements demand high volumes of the same parts.




With a CNC router from AXYZ, you can easily machine and engrave all types of plastic materials including:

Cutting an Acrylic from an AXYZ CNC Router - Video

How to Avoid a Poor Finish When Cutting Acrylic on a CNC Router

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding acrylic is cut quality, and naturally, how to improve it. There are many things that can contribute to cut quality: bad data,…

Clear Acrylic Edge Lit Sign - Video

Clear Acrylic Edge Lit Sign

This video shows engraving and cutting an edge lit sign out of 10mm clear cast Acrylic. First we engrave at a depth of 0.8mm with a 60deg engraving bit with…

Cutting 10mm clear acrylic

Cutting 10mm Clear Acrylic

This shows the AXYZ Router cutting 10mm clear cast Acrylic, leaving a nice polished edge finish.  

Cutting an Acrylic Inlay Video

Cutting An Acrylic Inlay

This shows the high accuracy and perfect finish that can be achieved on an AXYZ CNC Router, with the 2 parts fitting together with high precision.  

Cutting Clear Acrylic on an AXYZ CNC Router

Clear Acrylic Cutting

Cutting clear acrylic to leave a polished edge finish