CNCshop: Unlimited Choice, Ultimate Convenience

In most industries, speedy, on time delivery of equipment and supplies is vital to avoid and reduce any possible downtime. AXYZ, a leading manufacturer of CNC routers and knife cutting systems, recognized this issue. They created a solution for customers to quickly order and receive necessary spare parts and consumables to keep their businesses running smoothly. CNCshop is AXYZ’s flagship ecommerce site that provides customers with more choices in equipment, accessories and parts as well as convenient purchasing methods and delivery options.

Easy to use…

This easy-to-use website is dedicated to supplying a comprehensive range of quality tooling, parts, accessories and consumables for CNC router systems, which are used in a multitude of industries from textiles to aerospace. “Customers can order products 24/7 no matter where they are in the world. And in most cases, if they’re in the UK, Canada or U.S., they can get next day delivery. There’s no hassle when it comes to purchasing software. The most up-to-date version can be downloaded regularly with a click of a button,” said Josh Hooley, Digital Marketing Specialist.

Fast, Flexible and Direct Ordering…

CNCshop isn’t just for AXYZ customers. The tooling is compatible with other machines. “Customers like our straightforward, fast and flexible ordering process. Pictures and descriptions are included for all of the tooling, parts and accessories, making it simple to search for the correct items,” said Joanne Campeau, Business Manager – Services. Tooling videos are included to illustrate the materials they are used for and explain the purpose of the tool. Here’s an example. Whenever AXYZ launches new products, they are added to the website and available immediately for customers. Most recently, AXYZ introduced the PDS 40,000rpm routing spindle, a heavy duty pizza wheel knife, PANELBuilder 16 upgrades and blind mount donuts, all of which can be ordered through the ecommerce store.

Special Offers…

One attractive feature of the website is the special offers section, which allows customers to purchase items at a reduced cost. These offers change from time to time. Additionally, in North America, several router support packages are available. Beyond providing support, they offer perks such as free shipping and discounts off of online training, parts, tooling and consumables purchased on CNCshop.

Because AXYZ is continually improving to meet customer demands, enhancements to the website are coming soon. “These improvements will make CNCshop mobile friendly and easier to navigate and purchase tools across multiple devices,” said Hooley. Visit CNCshop to view the best, most comprehensive and competitively priced choices in CNC routers, tooling, parts and consumables.

About AXYZ:

AXYZ is a leading global manufacturer of CNC router and knife cutting systems. From a two man beginning to now, AXYZ has manufactured, sold, installed and supported well over 9000 CNC machines for use in a variety of applications. AXYZ operates in Canada, the United States, the UK, Poland and India.