The World’s Leading Panel Fabrication System

The new PANELBuilder system is designed specifically for the aluminum composite (ACM), metal composite market (MCM), High Pressure Laminate (HPL) and Fibre Cement Board markets. By combining an advanced, easy-to-use software solution with a custom machine design, the PANELBuilder system makes it possible to process ACM materials faster, more consistently and at a lower cost than ever before.


How can PANELBuilder help your business grow?




This system is specifically engineered for aluminum composite and metal composite manufacturers processing large volumes of cladding materials in the fastest and most efficient way possible. Process all types of cladding materials faster, more consistently and at a lower cost than ever before.

Endless machine process areas to suit all standard machine sizes

Dedicated CAD/CAM software for automated panel fabrication

Automated nesting for optimal production, auto programming, and job sheet creation

A library of parametric templates for quick duplication and resizing in a few clicks.




PANELTracker: Optimize Your Cladding Workflow


The PANELTracker system is a key feature of the new PANELBuilder 19 software. We developed this software with industry partners to increase productivity, profitability and manage quality.


  • Easily and quickly barcode your panels with our Automated Panel Labeller.
  • Monitor your project’s performance on our easy-to-read dashboard and reporting.
  • Damaged panels are easily identified and sent back to production within minutes.
  • Generate custom packing slips with the click of a button.
  • Available for upgrade on legacy PANELBuilder systems




At the forefront of the aluminum industry since 1888, Alcoa has been an industry leader in the production of Bauxite, Alumina and Aluminum products.

For over 40 years, Alpolic has been a global leader in metal composite manufacturing, with distribution and support capabilities extending throughout North & South America.

Characterized through the creation of unique structures, Alucobond composite panels have used in thousands of projects worldwide for over 50 years.