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Technical Tip Of The Week: Correctly fitting a tool into a collet

Short of much more expensive solutions, ER collets are one of the best tool holding systems available. However, incorrectly fitting your router bit into an ER collet can lead to multiple issues, and this blog is going to address those issues, offer solutions and explain the reasons why it’s important to maintain and change your collets on a regular basis.

Technical Tip: How to improve productivity with a Barcode Reader

For workshops requiring the ultimate level of productivity from their CNC router, look no further than AXYZ. AXYZ offer a multitude of options such as the automatic tool changer, providing the easiest and most convenient method of running jobs requiring multiple tooling, to multiple carriages for double the production power.

Plastics: How to avoid bad cut edges when using CNC routers – Part Two

Published in the February/March 2018 issue of Performance Plastics.  This is the second article in a four-part series on how to avoid bad cut edges when using CNC routers. The focus of the first article was on machine fundamentals, if you missed out, take a look. This article addresses poor quality cut edges issues related […]

Technical Tip Of The Week: Using AVS for double sided cutting

The ability to cut opposing sides of the material accurately is an increasingly popular customer request. This blog describes how your AXYZ router can be set up using the AXYZ vision system to perform two sided cutting. What is the AXYZ Vision System? The AXYZ vision system is a high performance, low cost solution suitable […]

Technical Tip of the Week: Holding small parts on your CNC Router

Of course the notion of a ‘small’ part depends entirely on the type of job and material you are processing. However, by rule of thumb, any part smaller than the palm of your hand should be considered ‘small’. This blog discusses the best conditions in which to cut small parts, and provides alternative methods if your setup doesn’t quite fit the bill.