Technical Tip: How to improve productivity with a Barcode Reader

For workshops requiring the ultimate level of productivity from their CNC router, look no further than AXYZ. AXYZ offer a multitude of options such as the automatic tool changer, providing the easiest and most convenient method of running jobs requiring multiple tooling, to multiple carriages for double the production power.

The purpose of this blog is to cover a secondary option called the barcode reader and to discover how it can help streamline your automation process and ramp up your workshops productivity.

What is the AXYZ barcode reader and how can it help?

A barcode reader is a hand-held device used to capture and read information.

The AXYZ barcode reader is a powerful option that can help improve productivity and reduce waste. It connects directly to your AXYZ machine controller, and is capable of reading and loading specified programs in a single operation.

Here is an example of the barcode reader in action:

The barcode reader has been designed to connect your design / programming office with the machine operator. As machine programs are created they can be copied over your network to the machine controller. Job sheets can be produced containing all the job details for the operator including a barcode, which is unique to that program. At the machine, all the operator has to do is scan the barcode.

How does it work?

When the barcode is scanned, the machine will automatically load the right program and display it on the AXYZ SmartConsole.

Additional operations such as starting, stopping and pausing a machine can also be automated in a similar way.

This level of control reduces the chances of loading the wrong program, avoids wasting expensive material and can be a real time saver in a busy work shop.

Author: Noel Archie is an Applications and PANELBuilder Specialist for AXYZ, a global manufacturer of CNC router and knife systems. Noel has been with AXYZ for over 15 years.