Welcome to our Next Generation Machine Control System

The A2MC is AXYZ’s next generation CNC machine control system and represents a tremendous leap forward in controller technology. It is available as an upgrade for your existing AXYZ or Camtech machine to bring you all the benefits of its improved performance and advanced feature set.

The upgrade can be carried out on-site and our engineers will ensure that machine downtime is kept to a minimum.

The A2MC uses advanced ‘S’ curve acceleration profiles which results in much smoother and faster motion. You can expect reduced cycle times and improved quality of cut finish.

The A2MC accepts industry standard NC programs which can be created using virtually any CAD/CAM system.

Communication with the machine controller is via your own local network which means that downloading programs is easy, instant and error free. This also allows the controller to connect to the internet for downloading updates and also for our own support technicians to be able to provide rapid on-line diagnostics should you encounter any problems.

The standard onboard memory is 4Gb and can be expanded even further if required. Large programs can therefore be fully downloaded and processed locally for seamless operation.

The unique AXYZ Modbus network allows almost unlimited expansion possibilities for controlling existing and future machine options and accessories.