Mastering Large Format Metal Processing with AXYZ Routers

Mastering Large Format Metal Processing with AXYZ Routers

Thursday February 29 or March 7  |  9:30 AM or 1:30 PM EST
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Attention all Boat Manufacturers, Sign Builders, and Architectural Cladders! This webinar is tailor-made for you – Dive into the exciting world of LARGE-SCALE CNC routing with AXYZ, spotlighting cutting-edge aluminum techniques!

Discover the power of a large format CNC router, unlock its endless possibilities for diverse jobs, and witness firsthand how AXYZ Routers will turbocharge your business growth! We will be showcasing the AXYZ PANELBUILDER Router equipped with a triple head configuration, running at traversing speeds up to 2000 inches (50 Metres) per minute for high production volume.

Get ready to learn:

  • Effortless transition from design to cut.
  • Cost-saving benefits of large-format routers for maximum productivity.
  • Optimal speeds, feeds, and configurations for aluminum processing.
  • Performance-enhancing machine options for large sheet production.
  • Pro tips for perfecting tool selection.
  • Mastering chip and swarf extraction.
  • Seamless integration of large format routers into your fabrication process.

Have your questions ready for our expert panelists in large scale metal processing! After the webinar, we will be opening the floor to answer all your CNC related questions.

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