How to avoid a poor finish when cutting aluminum on a CNC Router

When cutting aluminum on an industrial CNC router, the same, age old question keeps cropping up, do I use lubricant or not? Our application specialist recommends using lubricant when cutting aluminum, especially when working with a soft grade as debris can stick to the tool and effect the final outcome. A small amount of lubricant eradicates this issue, removing any debris, prolonging tool life and as a result delivers a high quality finish.

You’ll notice from the two finished parts that when applying lubricant, the CNC router produces a smooth, consistent cut. However, without the use of lubricant, faceted lines have appeared, this is a sign that the tool is over heating and will soon be damaged. As a result, this is the reason why we recommend the AXYZ Unist Mister when cutting aluminum on a CNC router.

Helpful Tip: When used in conjunction with the Automatic Tool Changer, you will be able to allocate which tool use lubricant and which do not, allowing you to pre-set tools for specific materials. You can learn more about how the Automatic Tool Changer can make your job easier with us.



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