PANELBuilder – The World’s Leading Panel Fabrication System benefits from upgrade

Can you imagine that the world’s leading panel fabrication system could get better? Well, a brand new release of the popular PANELBuilder software is now available.

First shown at Metalcon 2015, PANELBuilder 16 represents a shift in emphasis towards better integration with other systems and improved management information and reporting.

PANELBuilder 16 has benefited from a whole host of new features, specifically designed to make the software easier to use, while making the process much more productive.

Key Improvements

A much improved user interface: Cleaner navigation, faster to learn, simply more productive. Watch Video

Significant enhancements to pendulum processing: New, one-click setup for pendulum processing no matter how many sheets are to be processed. Sort nests by sheet size or material type before processing to allow easier handling and reduced risk of errors at the machine. Watch Video

A new nesting algorithm: An enhanced rectangular nesting algorithm provides superior material utilisation for some nests.

PanelPrinter: Support for the new PanelPrinter machine option. The fastest and most accurate way to print part identification data onto individual parts. Print 2d Data Matrix codes and part numbers onto panels as they are cut for easy project management and panel tracking purposes.

New program simulation mode: Making full use of the improved graphics, this allows detailed investigation of the cutting sequence, as well as a quick and fluent overview of how the sheet will be processed. Watch Video

Multi-panel DXF import: Import and split multiple panels from the same drawing file for more efficient data capture from other CAD systems. Watch Video

DXF Import: Full support for importing panels from other CAD systems in the latest DXF/DWG 2015 format.

Windows 10 support. 

The PANELBuilder system from AXYZ is a world leading CNC routing solution designed specifically for the aluminum composite (ACM) market. By combining an advanced, easy to use software solution with a custom machine design, it is possible to process ACM materials faster, more consistently and at a lower cost than ever before.

For more information about PANELBuilder click HERE.