How to maximize throughput and edge quality with the AXYZ Infinite

Thursday January 12th or 19th, 9:30 AM or 1:30 PM EST (2:30pm or 6:30pm GMT)

Are you interested in growing your business with a CNC Router?

Join us for an online demonstration of the AXYZ INFINITE – the most configurable CNC router on the market today!  The INFINITE is an industrial router capable of cutting a wide range of materials with excellent edge quality.  Our CNC Experts will review machine sizes, horsepower options, cutting heads, and innovative features designed to maximize throughput.

Learn how easy it is to go from design to production, optimal cut speeds and feeds, and how to achieve the best possible edge finish.

In this webinar, you will learn:

– How the INFINITE is programmed to process multi-dimensional plastic materials
– How easy it is to go from design to production
– Speeds and feeds as well as optimal machine configuration, featuring the AXYZ Infinite machine
– Tips & tricks on how to get the best possible edge finish in plastic, aluminum and wood

For more information and to register for the event please click here.