Keys at the ready!

It’s been a fairly quick process, and as of 13th July, Wolverhampton-based AXYZ will be operating at a new, larger and more strategically located manufacturing and demonstration facility. Situated adjacent to the M54 motorway, the new Telford T54 site offers AXYZ the opportunity to continue to build on the success of its UK and Continental Europe operations.

UK Managing Director Mark Sweeney recognised the need for expansion, “We had outgrown our existing premises, both in terms of volume and the size of machines being supplied. The new premises will provide double the production space of our existing factory and administration centre and enable us to offer an enlarged demonstration area to house our continually expanding range of machines”.

An extended showroom can now display up to four machines, enriching the customer experience with the ability to demonstrate the AXYZPACERZ and Trident brands. A radically enlarged workshop allows for greater machine building, storage and refurbishing. Whereas, a dedicated loading bay speeds up transportation of AXYZ machines and accessories.

We used our social media accounts, including FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn to keep you up to date with the building process. With Mark Sweeney and Robert Marshall following the development, an array of pictures were combined to showcase the process every step of the way. The frame took a week to build, the concrete took a day to lay, all in all the project has met deadlines with precision.

AXYZ Vice President – Market Development Robert Marshall reiterated the significant step in the right direction, “This is a major stage in the continuing growth of AXYZ and will greatly enhance our manufacturing and supply capabilities. CNC solutions under our AXYZ and Pacer power brands continue to command a strong presence in the key markets we serve, including primarily the signage and plastics and metal fabrication industries”.

Mark Sweeney added: “We are delighted with the new development taking place and can’t wait to set up home at our new UK headquarters in Telford. The site is ideal to help us stay connected to our customers in the UK and throughout Europe.”

The building, demonstration centre and administration centre will be bigger and better, allowing AXYZ to consistently go above and beyond customer expectations. As such, we can’t wait to get started and welcome all current and future customers to our new, state of the art facility.