Custom Configurations for High Productivity

One of the great strengths of the AXYZ Series machines is their ability to have custom head configurations to suit almost any specific manufacturing requirement.

This particular example shows how five identical cutting spindles can be mounted on a single carriage to allow the production of five parts at the same time.

These machines can have one or two carriages each with up to three cutting heads mounted on independently controlled Z axes all driven by precision ballscrews. To take this concept even further, the machine could also have two gantries each with its own set of carriages and heads.

When multiple spindles are mounted on the same carriage they can be setup to operate together – as in this five head example – in which case five parts can be cut simultaneously for maximum production. Alternatively, each head could be fitted with different tooling and configured to cut independently of the other heads so that jobs requiring multiple tools can be processed without the need for an automatic toolchange unit.

When you consider the range of cutting heads that can be used – routing spindles, knife uits, drills and more – and all the ways in which they can be arranged on the machine either with or without an auto toolchanger, the possibilities are almost endless.

This is what makes the AXYZ Series machine the most versatile in the industry today and is why it is so popular with discerning manufacturers who know exactly what they need to make their busines stand out from their competitors and achieve that winning combination of productivity and profitability.