CNC Router Purchases: The Direct Approach Works

The CNC router industry has evolved in a way that requires a different type of relationship between buyer and seller. In the traditional approach, the role of CNC router vendors was to focus on supplying equipment and parts. In that environment, buyers were able to work with local dealers during the sales process, but manufacturing and technical support might be several hundreds or thousands of miles away. As a result, the lack of proximity had a negative impact on the timeliness and efficiency of solving customers’ problems.

Today, the emerging model is what’s called a direct approach. In this case, CNC router suppliers work with buyers not only more locally but also in providing more in-depth assistance whenever and wherever needs arise.

The benefits of a local, direct approach include:

  • A local sales office allows buyers the opportunity to examine all the different types of machinery available. Plus, the CNC router salesperson can visit the buyer’s office or shop and learn more about the intricacies of that business and shop setup. This ensures the best fit between the buyer’s business goals and the CNC router under consideration.
  • Customer care. When it’s time to order tooling, parts and consumables, buyers are able to speak with the same local representatives every time. This enables sales representatives to learn more about the buyers’ CNC routers and the purpose of each router.
  • In the direct approach, the same technicians set up new equipment, provide diagnostics and ongoing on-site service to maintain existing equipment. As these technicians become more familiar with the individual machines and shop layouts, they can better tailor their support.

This continuity of care, where sales, service and support are provided by the same local office, builds rapport and a greater sense of partnership between buyers and the CNC router manufacturer.

Building Relationships

There’s no question that a close relationship between supplier and buyer is integral to the success of both. Today, buyers should expect more from their CNC router suppliers than to only provide support and service when there are problems with the machines. For example, training typically is conducted during installation. But if a partnership exists with the CNC router supplier, ongoing training for new employees and machine or software updates also is provided.

With a direct approach, buyers have access to experienced and knowledgeable team members who provide input into tactical and strategic decisions that assist buyers in reaching their goals. The direct approach allows CNC router companies to obtain a comprehensive knowledge of the buyer’s business, processes and future goals.

As partners, CNC router suppliers can help buyers plan for future growth through revisions in process and router operations, additional training protocols and upgrades. They can provide direction and advice during slower growth periods and times of change. Instead of seeking a traditional vendor that will simply sell the company a CNC router, partner with a supplier who offers the direct approach and works with the buyer every step of the way.

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