The focus on cleanliness has never been stronger. At work or in your home, keeping things clean and germ-free is essential to good health and prosperity. This is especially true in manufacturing facilities. Workers in assembly lines or industrial workstations are constantly handling small parts and various tooling in dusty environments. CNC machines, in particular, tend to get dirty very quickly.  To keep your machine clean and sanitary for today’s world, use an industrial cleaner on the following surfaces:

  1. Smart Console (operator pendants)

Take Control With The AXYZ SmartConsole







  1. Machine vacuum ball valves (if equipped)








  1. Machine switches, buttons and lids (with machine off and wiped dry)



  1. Clamping mechanism and handles on chip collection systems



  1. Computer workstations







IMPORTANT – To reduce the risk of damage and corrosion, wear clean, disposable gloves when handling:

  • Tooling
  • Collets, covernuts and tool holders
  • Linear rails
  • Pressure foot (5Y or High Capacity)


Keeping your machinery and all components sanitized daily is the new reality of today’s world. If you’d like to make Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to help spread the COVID-19 virus, join the online community on LinkedIn or go to our website, Fabricators Fighting COVID-19.  Find training videos, cut files or share your story. Together, we can #CutOutCovid.


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