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Technical Tip Of The Week: Choosing The Right Pressure Foot Accessory

Here at AXYZ we offer a range of pressure feet that offer the perfect solution in many different scenarios. This blog discusses each pressure foot on offer, alongside the range of pressure foot accessories. The aim is to educate the reader on the purpose of each accessory.

Our range of pressure feet and their differences:

The primary function of a pressure foot is to enclose the cutting tool, restricting access to it whilst cutting. It also ensures efficient extraction of waste materials, which is important for productivity and a high-quality cutting. Depending on the application we generally offer either our High Capacity Pressure foot or the Universal 5Y Pressure foot.

The High Capacity is a good, general purpose solution which works well for the vast majority of cutting processes. It is designed to stay in contact with the surface of the material following the surface while cutting, even if there are variations in material thickness. The pressure which is applied to the material helps to reduce vibration or movement resulting in a superior cut.

There are some situations where the High Capacity may not be appropriate. For example, when cutting soft, flexible materials or materials where the surface may be damaged by having a pressure foot riding over them. Also, when machining 3D shapes or cutting large pockets into materials there is a possibility of collision, causing damage to the pressure foot or workpiece. This is where the Universal 5Y should be used.

To learn more about the differences, watch our video below:

Note: All pressure feet can be added to both HSD, quick-release and ELTE manual routing spindles

Pressure Foot accessories and when to use them

Bellows: The bellows accessories is our standard pressure foot accessory that is placed between the pressure foot and the spindle preventing any swarf or chips being thrown onto the machine. This can be purchased on

Brush: The brush foot is fixed on the underside of the pressure foot. This option provides gentle contact to the surface of the material helping prevent any damage, this should be used when cutting susceptible or printed material. This can be purchased on

Nose Rider: This is placed between the pressure foot and the spindle, it is adjustable to allow the tool to protrude a set amount ensuring that the depth of cut is accurate across the entire sheet of material even if the material thickness may vary. This can be purchased on

Donuts: A regular donut is standard on all pressure feet and is there to ensure a seal around the tool to prevent any chips escaping. A Blue Glide Donut is available and is essential when friction might be caused by the pressure foot. The blue glide donut reduces the amount of friction to help provide the best cut quality and prevent damage to your chosen material. This solution is mainly used when cutting at high-speed.

To learn more about the Blue Glide Donut watch our video below:

All pressure feet and accessories are available at

Author: Abdullah Umair is an application specialist for AXYZ, a global manufacturer of CNC router and knife systems. Abdullah has covered many areas during his spell at AXYZ to ensure he has gained holistic exposure to both the needs of customers and the functionality of the machine.