AXYZ Introduces latest Pacer Series of High Performance CNC Routers

Leading supplier of high-performance CNC routing, engraving and cutting solutions, AXYZ has launched its latest Pacer series of machines. Available in a choice of three sizes (60” x 90”, 60” x 120” and 82” x 120”) to meet different production requirements and the most popular sheet formats, the machines embody all of the attributes of earlier systems sold under the Pacer power brand in terms of strength of build, ease of use, quality of cut and optimum reliability. They also represent an ideal upgrade path for owners of these systems now requiring a higher performance and higher productivity solution but at a very realistic price.

Key design features include a heavy-duty solid steel base and gantry with a substrate clearance capability of 6” (expandable up to 18”), helical rack and pinion drive system with direct-drive servomotors and ball screw control on the Z-axis for smooth and backlash-free motion and the latest seven-segment A2MC machine controller with ethernet connectivity and 4Gb onboard memory. These are supplemented with a wide range of optional additional production tools, including a seven- or 21-station automatic tool change system, twin or triple cutting heads, the latest AXYZ AVS Camera Registration System and a misting unit.

The routers will effectively cut and profile at a high feed rates virtually all materials commonly in use in the general woodworking, plastics, signmaking, furniture production, joinery and panel processing sectors. These include all non-ferrous metals, plastics and their derivatives, solid and particle wood substrates, aluminum composite materials and laminates.

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