AXYZ Open House

AXYZ, the industry leader in high-performance CNC routing, engraving and cutting systems, will be holding an open house on Thursday, September 12, 2013, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at AXYZ’s head office and factory at 5330 South Service Road, Burlington, Ontario.

Robert Marshall, vice president of market development with AXYZ, says the time is right to open their doors to their industry partners. “AXYZ hasn’t had an open house for quite a while and we decided now was a good time to reconnect with our current clients, introduce what we have to offer to prospective clients, and also show off some of our new products.”

The open house will be good opportunity to take a look at the new Pacer Series CNC Router, a high precision, high cut quality router with a heavy steel base, steel gantry, servo motors, direct drive helical rack and pinions, the ideal router for plastic fabricators and engineers.

Also on display will be the PanelBuilder System for ACM panel fabrication, AXYZ’s answer for the needs of the aluminum composite market. The proprietary intuitive software coupled with custom machine design means a fast, cost-effective and consistent solution for ACM processing.

AXYZ offers a range of Series CNC router systems, which offer customizable lengths, durability, and optional tools including auto toolchage, knife heads, AVS camera recognition system, auto vacuum deck zone control. Several Series machines will be available for viewing during the open house.

Plus, the all-new AXYZ Z5 series will be on hand, a state-of-the-art router for all types of CNC applications for anyone who needs an entry-level system.

In addition to AXYZ’s products, there will be partner suppliers on hand with products and information, including aluminum and metal composite material manufacturer Alpolic, Vectric, which offers CAD/CAM software for CNC, and Coastal Enterprises, which makes precision board and high density urethane products.

Also attending will be Onsrud, manufacturer of high quality solid carbide and high speed steel routing tools for CNC routers. They’ll have new products on hand, says Onsrud Sales and Application Specialist Ken Batt, who’ll be in attendance. “I’m looking forward to answering any questions AXYZ customers may have regarding the use of routing tools on their machines, and to featuring our new PCD Polishing Tool used for Mirror-Like finishes on Cast Acrylic materials,” he says.

Onsrud’s PCD Polishing Tool can create a near optically clear edge on acrylic right on a CNC, and removes the need for flame polishing. The PCD Polishing Tool can also profile and pocket, and can polish material that’s up to an inch thick in a single pass.

AXYZ will be conducting tours of their main factory buildings so visitors can see how their machines are built and see firsthand the high quality fabrication that goes into each AXYZ product, and there will be AXYZ sales and application specialists available to answer to questions. There will also be refreshments available, and door prizes.

“An open house is a great way to re-engage with the industry, and gives us the opportunity to hear what our clients are doing and what they need to move forward with their business goals,” says Marshall.

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