AXYZ Now Offering Waterjet Cutting Solutions

In April of 2018, AXYZ announced that it had acquired WARDJet, an industry-leading waterjet manufacturer based out of Tallmadge, Ohio. Founded in 1995, WARDJet has over 20 years of CNC experience and a product that perfectly compliments that of AXYZ. With the integration now in full-effect, the two organizations have been hard at work to ensure a smooth transition, and we are excited to announce some of the major opportunities that lie ahead for both our company and our customers.

WARDJet Overview

WARDJet started off as a waterjet consulting company before transitioning into used waterjet sales and installation. In 2003, WARDJet turned their attention to the manufacturing side of the business and starting production on their own line of waterjet cutting systems. Since then, the company has manufactured and sold over 600 machines worldwide, with customers ranging from small, independent job shops to large corporations with complex cutting applications.

WARDJet has a very diverse product line with waterjets ranging in size from small-format (2’ x 4’) to large-format (up to 16’ x 48’). They offer water-only waterjets which are suited for applications involving soft-goods, and abrasive waterjets for harder, thicker materials. WARDJet prides themselves on their success in offering “Tailored Waterjet Solutions”, which encompasses everything from waterjets with a few added accessories to bespoke cutting systems custom-engineered for unique applications.

Benefits of Waterjet Cutting

While AXYZ CNC routers are extremely capable machines that excel in many different industries, waterjet cutting systems have unique properties that make them very adept when it comes to industrial manufacturing. Since waterjets utilize a cold-cutting process, there are no heat-affected zones (HAZs) which means that the physical properties of the workpiece remain unaltered during cutting. One of the most versatile cutting machines on the market, waterjets are able to cut through almost any material imaginable with no change of tooling required. Other benefits include the absence of harmful airborne debris when cutting (smoke, dust etc.), a clean edge that requires little to no post-processing, and the ability to cut extremely thick materials.

Offering Comprehensive Cutting Solutions to Our Customers

Through the acquisition of WARDJet, AXYZ is now able to offer a vast array of cutting solutions that caters to a much wider range of industries. The congruent relationship between our products will benefit those customers who are looking to grow their own businesses, allowing them to source all the tools they need from a single supplier. The technical expertise developed over a combined 50+ years of CNC experience between the two companies gives us the ability to provide expert service and support for an extensive number of machines.

The rollout of waterjets into AXYZ showrooms has already begun, with X-Series machines currently installed in our Anaheim, Burlington, and Telford locations. To schedule a product demonstration, or for more information on waterjets or CNC routers, contact us at, or call +1 800 361 3408