AXYZ Expands to Better Serve the Global Market

AXYZ’s newly expanded website offers a more comprehensive selection of CNC router products with worldwide delivery.

AXYZ is proud to announce the launch of their newly expanded website, The revamped site offers a full range of tooling and consumables for routing.

Now a complete catalogue of router products are available for ordering 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from wherever in the world a customer is located. AXYZ’s routing products can be used with all types of routers, offering generic and proprietary spare parts, router bits, engraving tools, knife blades, collets and cones, consumables, accessories, service parts, training courses and software. Customers now also have the capability of ordering in English or Spanish. 

AXYZ designed an intuitive interface that makes ordering quick and simple. To make selection even easier, every product has a high quality photo, and AXYZ is continually adding educational videos that demonstrate how parts are fitted and how tooling is used to cut various materials.

Customers need only set up an online account, and their past orders will be archived so they can use a single-click for reordering. They’ll also receive status notifications of their order, and offers, in most cases, next day delivery. Customers who’ve created online accounts will also be eligible for special offers and discounts.

“The website is the front end which presents an attractive and easy-to-navigate system for customers to place orders,” says Robert Marshall, AXYZ’s Vice President of Market Development. “Equally important is the organization behind it. We take great care to update the site continually with new products and make sure all information is clear and accurate. What sets apart is the massive choice of quality parts, all at extremely competitive prices and the service behind it which makes sure that items are available and delivered when our customers need them.”