AVS – AXYZ Vision System

AXYZ is pleased to announce the availability of its all new, high performance, low cost AXYZ Vision System (AVS). Using a simple, low cost camera mounted on the head of the machine, the power behind the AVS lies in its software which is fully integrated within the new AXYZ A2MC machine control system. The primary application for this new system is currently digital print finishing where the camera is able to quickly find and recognise conventional registration marks and adjust the machine cutting path as necessary to achieve exact alignment with printed shapes.

The AVS is compatible with all cutting tools that can be used on an AXYZ machine such as routers, oscillating knife, tangential knife and even vinyl drag knife tools. This allows virtually any printed material to be cut including card, vinyl, rubber, foam, aluminium, wood, acrylic and lots more which opens up many new markets and opportunities for digital printers.

All program adjustments are done by the AVS on the machine controller at the time of cutting and is therefore separated from the initial toolpath creation which can be done in almost any machine programming system. This means that a wide range of programming features are available to be used which can be very important for cutting certain materials or shapes. For example, holding tabs, either straight or contoured can be used to secure small parts in place or ramps and lead-in’s may be needed to achieve optimum edge finish.

By driving down the cost of the AVS, it should now be possible for many more customers to take advantage of the supreme flexibility of the AXYZ machine and benefit from reduced waste, increased accuracy and higher output.

Existing AXYZ machine users will be pleased to hear that the AVS can be easily retro-fitted to older machines, the cost of which will depend on age and configuration of the machine.