Advantages of a Serviced CNC Router

Having your CNC Router serviced regularly is considered by some to be an unnecessary expense whereas others would never fail to book their routine service call. In the long run servicing can actually save money by identifying potential issues before they become serious and expensive to repair and by optimizing machine performance and accuracy which saves time and eliminates waste.

Like any machine a CNC Router has many moving parts and can often be running long hours in dusty or dirty environments. Over the years it is inevitable that components will wear and sometimes need to be adjusted or replaced. A routine service allows you to plan maintenance at a time which is convenient to you.

Think of a service as preventive maintenance – preserve the performance of your machine while preventing unforeseen breakdowns which can be disruptive and costly.


What does a regular machine service cover?

Typically a machine service will include cleaning and lubricating all bearings and drive systems, checking drive motors and transmission systems, inspecting the vacuum pump or blower including their filters and checking overall machine operation. All tooling systems are inspected for correct operation and any wear reported. The electrical control box is checked for signs of damage or overheating and all connections are verified. The end result is a comprehensive report including any recommendations for replacing parts that are showing signs of wear or components that may fail before the next service is due.


How long does a service take?

This depends on the model, age and configuration of your machine and also whether any issues are discovered. You should typically allow 4 – 6 hours for the technician to complete the job. Don’t forget that in between services there are a set of very simple daily, weekly and monthly maintenance procedures that should take only minutes to complete and will ensure you get the best performance and reliability out of your machine.


What performance improvements can I expect to see?

After the service is complete you should find your machine runs smoothly and quietly and that accuracy and precision is as good as it can be. The cleaning and adjustment of the drive systems will have optimized the quality of cutting and also the squareness of the gantry. If recommendations are made to replace any parts including belts, bearings or filters then by doing so you would expect to see not only improved performance but be confident that you’ve done all you can to avoid premature failures which would inevitably occur at the most inconvenient time possible!