How To Cut Textiles And Fibreglass On An AXYZ CNC Router

Materials such as carbon fibre and fiberglass are permeable and therefore extremely difficult to hold down. These types of materials require a clever approach, and a delicate cutting process.

Initially a sheet of film is applied over the top of the material which reacts well with the vacuum bed reducing the material to a few centimetres. The extra hold down ensures optimum cut quality with little or no material movement.

The material is then processed using the Pizza Wheel (Rotary Knife). The Pizza Wheel is available in two sizes, 2″ (50mm) or 4″ (100mm), and the choice of which to use is dependent on the material being cut. For example, in this video the 2″ blade is able to cut four sheets of 300g GRP.

All tooling used in this video can be purchased at CNCshop. From this website you can purchase the 2″ Rotary Knife Cartridge.

In order to use the Pizza Wheel knife the machine must have a tangential knife attached, learn more about this cutting option.

To learn more about the CNC router being used in the video check out our detailed product page with more videos, more information, customer testimonials and a huge list of options, you can see it all HERE.



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