Vacuum System Options

Optimal material hold down for high quality CNC machining


AXYZ offer a range of vacuum system options to ensure optimal material hold down. Vacuum control contributes significantly to the cut quality in your chosen application, therefore selecting the right options for you is essential.

Vacuum Pumps

High Pressure vacuum pumps are the standard vacuum hold down pump that is supplied with most AXYZ systems. Rotary Vane and Rotary Claw pumps are capable of creating a very deep vacuum pressure, and managing the air bleed from the traditional MDF wasteboard used on the aluminum vacuum table. Multiple pumps are often linked together for very large tables, and for applications that may need additional holding power. Lower horsepower (8 to 10 HP) Vane and claw pumps will generally outperform high horsepower blower systems for part holddown.

    Regenerative Blowers

    Blowers are an ideal tool for vacuum hold down systems where the cut parts are generally quite large. The tight tolerance between the blades and the blower body enables vacuum to be achieved. Blowers tend to be better if the vacuum system needs a lot of air capacity, for example, when using porous materials.

      Vacuum Manifold

      The Automatic Vacuum extraction manifold is an effective solution for multiple Z machines. It allows focused chip collection at the active head, without the need to run multiple vacuum extraction lines to the table, and without having to manually open and close vacuum hose valves.

        Auto Zone Management

        This is a unique and highly configurable option which allows the AXYZ zoned vacuum system to operate in Live Deck, Pendulum Processing or independent switching modes of operation. Live Deck will automatically activate and deactivate zones according to the live position of the cutting head. This ensures the material is always held as securely as possible for best cutting results. Pendulum Processing mode allows the vacuum to switch between 2 virtual zones, usually the front and rear halves of the machine so that it can operate continuously for maximum production. For total manual control, individual zones can be switched through the zone manager.

        Aluminum Vacuum Deck

        The Aluminum Vacuum Deck that is a standard option with all AXYZ machines is one of the most important components in your machine system. The innovative design allows zoned areas of the surface to be opened or closed to vacuum hold down as needed. Zone gasketing ensures the virtual elimination of any zone to zone vacuum bleed. The multipurpose deck system is also fully functional as a t-slot clamping and fixturing bed for non-vacuum hold down situations. The Aluminum Vacuum Deck is the most efficient and effective method of distributing vacuum hold down pressure underneath your work piece.

          Vacuum Arm

          The Vacuum hose support arm effectively and conveniently provides a 'third hand' in supporting your dust extraction vacuum hose. Available in sizes to fit most AXYZ CNC Router Tables, the swiveling vacuum arm allows for snag free, full process table operation.

            ACM Chip Collection System

            The ACM Chip collection system is a high pressure chip collector that is configured for the efficient collection of aluminum, aluminum composite, wood and plastic chips.

              Precision Spoil Board

              Moisture resistant MDF spoil board. This is mechanically fixed to the T slot bed and acts as a sacrificial diffuser. It can be skimmed to provide a stable and flat working surface and is user replaceable.

                Need help choosing options?

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