Configuration Options

Fully Customizable CNC Routers for unique business needs


AXYZ offer range of gantry and tool configuration options in order to fully customize your CNC router to meet any unique business needs. Increase productivity, improve accuracy, and achieve premium quality with configuration enhancements.


The Automatic Tool Changer systems provide an easy and convenient method of running jobs requiring multiple routing tools. Available with a capacity of seven, twenty-one or thirty three tool holders, the ATC system is the fastest method of changing tools on a regular basis, dramatically improving throughput capacity.

Helical Rack

The helical rack and pinion system is designed to provide superior high speed performance delivering greater accuracy, smoother cutting and quieter running. The helical pinions would normally be driven by the optional high performance servo motors through precision planetary gearboxes, resulting in a very rigid and powerful drive system suitable for use in all high precision and demanding applications.

    Auto Greasing

    Automatic Greasing offer operators peace of mind and ensures machine longevity. By applying a consistent pre-measured amount of grease, your CNC machine racks are kept in optimum condition, mitigating system downtime. This option is available with or without a High Performance machine option. This enables the machine to run up to 2,000ipm to deliver shorter job cycle time and greater throughput.

      Direct Servo Motors

      The AXYZ Servo drives deliver high speed and high torque using a precision direct drive planetary gearhead transmission. For high volume applications where cycle times need to be kept to a minimum the servo drives can help to boost productivity. Available on all axes or X and Y only as required.

        Multiple Tools

        Faster and more flexible production is as easy as choosing a single, double or even triple head carriage for multiple tasking operations.

        This tooling configuration is popular for applications that typically require only two or three tooling processes. Rout, profile, trim and drill in a seamless sequence.

        Multiple Carriages

        To improve efficiency, multiple carriages can be mounted on one gantry to allow you to run multiple versions of the same job. Each carriage is independently driven to maintain part accuracy. For larger applications requiring full process width of a single carriage, the second carriage can conveniently be parked at the end of the gantry. Both carriages may be configured with automatic tool changer carousels.

        Long Stroke Carriage

        A carriage with extended stroke is available which works in conjunction with the extended height gantry. This allows you to machine thin materials with short tools but also process thicker materials with long reach tools. A popular option for applications such as mould making and three dimensional carving.

          Extended Gantry Height

          The standard gantry clearance is 6" for all AXYZ Series machines. For applications that need a deeper throat clearance such as mould making or three dimensional carving, extended clearances are available. Extended clearances are available at 8", 10" and 12". Other heights are available upon request. Speak to your AXYZ technical sales person for more information.

            Extended Gantry Length

            Extended Gantry lengths allow for full processing width when utilising wider carriages that accommodate multiple tools. Extended gantries can also be utilised for custom cutting solutions where "off-the-table" material processing is required.

              Steel Gantry

              Aluminum gantries provide an ideal balance of strength to mass for most cutting applications however for situations that benefit from the greater mass of a steel gantry, our heavy duty steel gantries are available for any AXYZ Series machine.

                Multiple Gantries

                Multiple Gantries on a single machine bed offer the user flexibility in machine use. Run different operations at either end of the machine, or park one gantry for large job processing over virtually the entire machine length.

                Need Help Discussing Options?

                Speak to one of our specialist sales representatives who will help you produce a personalized quote. Our sales reps have many years of technical experience to help guide you through the necessary steps to ensure you have the correct CNC Router for your businesses unique needs now and in the future.