CNC Router Options

The most diverse CNC Router options in the industry


With more than 25 years of expertise, AXYZ has developed the industry’s most diverse option set in the industry. Through ongoing research and development, and close ties with our industry partners and vendors, we have created an extensive set of machine options that adds enormous value to our customers. Speak to an AXYZ technical sales specialist to configure your CNC machine to best suit your needs.


A wide range of gantry and tool configuration options include automatic tool changer, helical rack and pinions and auto greasing.


AXYZ CNC routers offer a variety of cutting options including high-speed, quick-release spindles, various forms of knife cutting, drill heads and engravers.


CNC machine accessories improve efficiency, cleanliness and quality. These options include misters, dust collectors and surface scanners.

Vacuum System

CNC machine vacuum system options were developed to improve material hold down and remove debris when working with an AXYZ CNC router.


Accuracy options enhance cut accuracy using material-replacement methods and visual technology when working with AXYZ CNC routers.

Need Some Advice?

Our expert sales representatives have many years of technical experience and will guide you through the steps to ensure you have the ideal CNC router for your business’ unique needs, now and in the future.



As part of a complete system, the machine controller is generally considered the heart of machine. Since 1990, AXYZ has developed, programmed and supplied our own control systems for the CNC routers we build as well as for other OEMs around the world.

The marriage of the A2MC controller, A2MC Enterprise and AXYZ SmartConsole is critical to the successful implementation of our CNC routers. The combination of these three components ensures our CNC routers deliver flexibility to grow and expand your machine's capabilities.

A2MC Controller

The AXYZ A2MC Controller has taken machine control systems to a new level. After thorough development and testing by the engineering team for more than two years, the controller was released in 2008. The A2MC now offers the highest level of machine control capabilities on the market today.

A2MC Enterprise

A2MC Enterprise is an intuitive windows based interface, with an entirely new, modular framework that allows users to easily connect with multiple machines, while benefitting from more comprehensive and user friendly applications.


The AXYZ SmartConsole brings to your machine operator increased convenience and features aimed at boosting productivity in an intuitive and compact package.



All CAD/CAM systems described in this section will work seamlessly with your AXYZ CNC router. Depending on your industry and applications, one or more of these systems will meet your unique needs.

To help you select the best solution, our sales and support engineers are happy to offer impartial advice and organize product demonstrations.


The Vectric software products offered by AXYZ offer unbeatable performance and functionality at very affordable prices. Both VCarve Pro and Aspire are relatively new products which have been designed from the ground up to provide all the features required for professional 2D and 3D CNC machining with a slick and easy to use interface.


A product of SA International, Enroute is a long standing CNC Router product in the market, dating back to the mid 1990’s for their first release called “Machineshop”. EnRoute is a well known product that also offers several product level versions, depending on your experience and application needs.

Cabinet Vision

Vero Software is a world leader in CAD CAM software with a proven track record of reliable product delivery. AXYZ have partnered with Vero Software to offer customers Cabinet Vision, a world-renowned brand. Optimus CNC machine users will benefit from an intuitive design, nesting algorithm and easy programming.

Type 3

A product of Vision numeric. Type 3 has been available to the market since 1988 and has been dedicated to providing high-end Artistic CAD/CAM tools to Mold makers, Signmakers, Woodworkers, and more. Type 3 has divided it’s offering for the router industry into 4 primary components.