General Woodworking

Cut to size, rout, chamfer, rabbet, v-groove, dado, pocket, carve and more


With a CNC machine from AXYZ, you will be able to greatly expand the capabilities of your shop, reduce labor hours, improve efficiency, and become more competitive in your market. A wide range of process areas accommodate all standard sheet sizes and an endless supply of CNC machine options, ensuring that all your woodworking needs are met.

Add an automatic tool changer for ultimate productivity when using multiple tools, a pneumatic drill for single holes, or boring block for 32mm shelve holes. Pop-up location pins enable repeatable material location and a high-power vacuum pump system to hold your materials in place on the zoned vacuumed bed.

Power your AXYZ CNC router with virtually any CAM software, including ArtCAM, Vectric, Enroute, Type 3, AlphCAM or Mastercam. Connect your cabinet design software (KCDW, CabinetPro, RouterCAD, Cabinet Vision) to one of these CAM programs to create a complete nested based manufacturing solution.


What is the best router for General Woodworking?


Our CNC machines can easily process any of the following materials for the production of cabinet parts, furniture and furniture frames, dovetail drawers, mantles, decorative carvings, three-dimensional reliefs, and virtually anything else you can imagine.

ChipboardMelamineMDFPlywoodHard WoodsSoft Woods
The All New AXYZ Infinite The Most Configurable CNC Router Ever Built featured

The All New AXYZ Infinite: The Most Configurable CNC Router Ever Built

The AXYZ Infinite is the most configurable CNC Router on the market. Each machine can be customized to your specific application or material. Select from a wide variety of options…

Introducing the All New Innovator CNC Router featured

Introducing the All New Innovator CNC Router

Introducing the AXYZ INNOVATOR CNC ROUTER – Full-Scale Capability in a Smaller Footprint. Powerful enough to cut aluminum, hardwood, and plastic with high-quality finishes and short lead times. The ideal…

How to Make Plywood & Melamine Furniture on CNC Router

Our applications engineer Eric Hordyk provides a detailed look at how to make a cabinet and chair on our AXYZ Innovator CNC router using plywood and melamine.

Hardwood Padauk YEAR OF THE TIGER Décor Made on CNC Router (AXYZ Infinite)

Celebrate the Year of the Tiger with this padauk hardwood carving using the AXYZ Infinite. Tools include a 1/8” ball nose from LMT Onsrud, 3/8” compression bit from Amana Tool,…


The all new AXYZ Innovator builds on the legacy of AXYZ CNC router machines manufactured to process the widest range of materials. Optimised for prototype, signs and graphics, woodworking shops,…

Routing a moose head on an AXYZ Series CNC Router - Video

Routing a Moose Head on an AXYZ Router

This video shows cutting a large Moose head wall plaque out of 9mm Ply.  

AXYZ CNC Router cutting and v-carving a wooden cube - Video

AXYZ CNC Router Cutting and V-Carving a Wooden Cube

This video shows an AXYZ CNC Router cutting out 25mm mahogany using a 6mm single flute downward spiral, Then V-Carving the company name and logo on all sides using a…

AXYZ CNC Router V-carving wood - Video

Woodworking V-Carving

V-Carving on an AXYZ CNC Router  

AXYZ Woodworking CNC Router Cutting a Cupboard Door - Video

AXYZ Woodworking CNC Router Cutting a Cupboard Door

Woodworking application on an AXYZ CNC Router