Foam applications simplified with the use of AXYZ CNC Routers


AXYZ CNC routers are ideal productivity tools for foam product manufacturers, especially those providing all types of foam processing solutions. Multiple cutting tools handle a wide variety of materials including Closed Cell Polyethylene Foam, Explosion Suppressant Foam, Open Cell Polyurethane Foam, Reticulated Foam, Zotefoams Plastazote and Evazote. AXYZ CNC routers can be customized to fit your unique needs. Add a quick -elease or collet spindle to allow for a smooth edged inlay cut or choose the additional oscillating knife to cut material up to 4″ thick with ease.


What is the best router for Foam Processing?



A combination of a quick-release spindle or collet spindle, oscillating knife or tangential knife allows the AXYZ CNC router and knife systems to cut materials up to 4" thick with ease. A router with a large diameter tool enables fast and efficient pocketing in 2D or 3D, or smaller tools allow detail work. Activate the oscillating knife with blades up to 4.75" long for effortless profile cutting in a range of materials including:

Closed Cell Polyethylene FoamExplosion Suppressant FoamOpen Cell Polyurethane FoamReticulated FoamZotefoamsPlastazoteEvazoteFoam CoreGator Foam
AXYZ Trident Knife cutting Encore foam board

AXYZ Trident Knife Cutting Encore Foam Board

The AXYZ hybrid Trident CNC machine makes light work of processing Encore Foam Board using a 45 degree knife blade and oscillating knife tool. Trident is an innovative hybrid CNC production…

Cutting Foam Packaging on a Trident CNC Router-Knife Hybrid

Cutting Foam Packaging on a Trident CNC Router-Knife Hybrid

Trident is an innovative CNC router-knife system combining heavy-duty routing with fast knife cutting for processing the broadest range of materials in many types of manufacturing industries. Combine knife tools…

Trident Series CNC Router-Knife Hybrid video

Trident Series CNC Router-Knife Hybrid

The Trident Series, an innovative hybrid solution that offers the most versatile router/knife combination in its class. Designed specifically for the digital finishing industry, our engineering team developed a CNC…

Cutting foamboard with an AXYZ Tangential Knife

Cutting Foamboard with an AXYZ Tangential Knife

The Tangential Knife is a robust knife cutting tool intended for heavier, thicker and harder materials than a traditional drag knife can accommodate. A Tangential knife is a cutting blade…

AXYZ Knife Cutting Foam

AXYZ Knife cutting foam

Using the AXYZ Oscillating knife tool to cut 70mm thick foam. Blades are available in a range of styles and lengths to suit most materials.