Foam Processing


Use Versatile AXYZ CNC Routers for Foam Applications

AXYZ offers solutions for foam processing applications in all shapes and sizes, from one-off custom products to high-volume production. Take advantage of both routing and knife cutting capabilities on the same machine for versatility and reliability.


Foam material comes in all types of densities and sizes, so it’s important to know which cutting tool to use to get the precision cut you need.

Hard, high-density foams like Polyurethane (PU) will get a nice clean edge finish with a straight flute bit.

Light, cushy type foams like Polyethylene (PE)  require specific oscillating knives for high quality, precision cuts.



5 Benefits of Using a CNC Router for Foam Processing:

✔   Clean Edge Cuts

✔   Pocket Milling

✔   Fast Cutting Capabilities

✔   Multipurpose Capabilities

✔   High Gantry Clearances





A combination of a quick-release spindle or collet spindle, oscillating knife or tangential knife allows the AXYZ CNC router and knife systems to cut materials up to 4" thick with ease. A router with a large diameter tool enables fast and efficient pocketing in 2D or 3D, or smaller tools allow detail work. Activate the oscillating knife with blades up to 4.75" long for effortless profile cutting in a range of materials including:

Closed Cell Polyethylene FoamOpen Cell Polyurethane FoamReticulated FoamZotefoamsPlastazoteEvazoteFoam CoreGator Foam

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