One machine, thousands of CNC applications

With more than 25 years’ experience building, supplying and servicing our CNC routers, AXYZ has accumulated a wealth of valuable knowledge covering all types of applications in a range of different industries. We support our customers by providing hundreds of thousands of machine configurations to maximize returns and benefits for every type of operation.

A primary advantage in dealing with AXYZ as a direct sales and service company is that each of our sales and service locations is directly closely connected to each other as well as to the factory. This tight connection between local managers, engineers and product-development teams ensures that when new tools, processes and applications are developed at any one location, they are immediately available to representatives and customers worldwide.

Your success is vital to our success, and our sales and support staff are committed to delivering the highest level of support in the industry.


What is the best router for my business?

Aluminum & Metal Composite Cladding

AXYZ offers industrial CNC routers specifically designed for machining aluminum composite, metal composite and solid aluminum sheets into fabrication panels for architectural metal projects.


AXYZ delivers all types of signmaking applications from simple 2D profile-cut letters to complex 3D carvings and a variety of tooling for all popular signmaking materials including woods, plastics, vinyl, acrylic and aluminum.

Graphics & Print Finishing

Today’s print finishing is not only performed on vinyl or card, but has expanded to encompass thicker and heavier substrates such as acrylic, woods and aluminum. These require specialized tooling and machine construction for accurate and fast production, and AXYZ delivers.

General Woodworking

All types of woodworking applications can benefit from a CNC router. AXYZ systems increase productivity and quality while maintaining the best consistency available in the industry.

Plastic Fabrication

Machining plastics requires specialized equipment. AXYZ delivers a strong and robust machine construction, smooth drive systems and a modern high-performance controller to ensure the best edge finish possible.

Metal Fabrication

High- and low-volume production of component parts in all non-ferrous metals is easier with the right machine and accessories from AXYZ.

Foam Processing

AXYZ offers solutions for foam processing applications in all shapes and sizes from one-off custom products to high-volume production. Take advantage of both routing and knife cutting capabilities on the same machine for versatility and reliability.

Point of Purchase

Whether it's wood, plastic, card or honeycomb material, a CNC router from AXYZ delivers a choice of tooling and process areas and the ideal solution for manufacturing point of purchase displays.

Solid Surface

AXYZ CNC routers are the industry’s most versatile tools for solid-surface operations, allowing you to cut to size, rout, chamfer, rabbet, v-groove, dado, pocket and carve material.

Need help?

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