Additional Options

Achieve high cut quality with these CNC Router accessories


AXYZ offer a range of secondary CNC router accessories to improve efficiency, cleanliness and quality. Most if not all of these options can be retrofitted to your CNC Router.

High Capacity Pressure Foot

The High Capacity Pressure Foot is a must have for any AXYZ CNC router. An efficient, vertically orientated extraction ensures excellent swarf extraction, whereas dedicated hose management prevents unnatural bending and safeguards the hose from interfering with machine operations. Available with a whole host of optional enhancements including the cold air gun, Unist Mister, bellows, donuts and nose rider.

Universal 5Y Pressure Foot

The Universal 5Y pressure foot plays just as vital a role as the high capacity pressure foot. It has been specifically engineered to accept up to 3" diameter hose and allows for manual adjustment of the ride height for faster material and tool setup often demanded in today's busy workplace. Swarf extraction is highly efficient thanks to the unique internal cyclonic design.

Oscillating Knife Pressure Foot

Designed to be used with the oscillating knife system. The Oscillating Knife Pressure Foot prevents soft material from lifting during the cutting process. Adding the brush donut will also avoid marking on any delicate surfaces.

Unist Mister

For cutting non-ferrous metals including Aluminum, Brass and Copper, the AXYZ / Unist Misters operate with more precision and reliability than any other dispensing system available. The pulse generator allows for automatic, infinite repeat cycling of the lubricant pump from a single air source. The result is a continuous output of a micro-fine lubricant mist providing longer tool life, better cut finish and higher cutting speeds of non-ferrous metals. Compressed Air Required 80-100 PSI nominal flow required.

Vortex Cold Gun

The cold air gun is a simple device that utilises filtered, compressed air and a venturi effect expansion chamber to produce cold air for industrial spot cooling. This cost effective option eliminates heat related parts growth, most common to plastics and soft metal machining and serves to provide better edge finish and longer tool bit life. The Cold Air gun uses a simple flex line attachment to deliver chilled air to the tool area. Requires compressed air - 80 - 100 psi, 8 SCFM.


    Manually writing product codes or applying pre-printed labels onto parts is an arduous task, which is easily prone to human error. PanelPrinter is a fully integrated device, mounted alongside the cutting head and is designed to automatically print 2D Data Matrix Codes as well as standard text onto parts as they're machining.

    Printing at speeds of 500inch/min (12.7m/min), the PanelPrinter has minimal, and the data is automatically included in the program output from the PANELBuilder Software.

    EZ Ryder

    A purpose-built mounting plate option that reduces glide vibration when nose riding, which is made possible by being able to reduce pressure foot loading by up to 100%. Designed to fit standard AXYZ CNC machines.

    - Weight assist can be adjusted from 0% - 100% to suit the processing material and application

    - Can also be used in conjunction with all AXYZ router types, tangential knifes and the AXYZ stud welder

    Blue Glide Donut

    The Blue Glide Donut is a unique and highly durable accessory designed for low friction. It reduces friction by 90% allowing smoother and faster cutting and minimizes the possibility of surface damage.

    Nose Rider Collar

    The Nose Rider Collar is an AXYZ exclusive machine accessory. Some applications require a very exact depth of cut into the materials, especially for processes that rely on consistent depths for accuracy. Used in conjunction with the high capacity pressure foot, the Nose Rider collar ensures the cutting tool will only protrude through the bottom of the foot for the exact depth required for consistent cutting.

    Braille Insertion Tool

    This tool is designed specifically for producing braille signs. It drills precise location holes for the braille beads and then automatically inserts them. This is a massive timesaver for anyone who needs to create braille signs to satisfy local regulations.

    Barcode Reader

    The Barcode Reader can be used to automate certain machine operations such as loading programs and starting the machine. It is a fast and convenient way to improve productivity for high volume manufacturing but also reduces the possibility of errors and wasted materials. Includes scanner, mounting bracket, cabling and software. Requires A2MC controller.

    Perimeter Mats

    Perimeter Switch Mats, are devices which are used to guard the floor area around an unsafe zone. They can be used to provide primary guarding where other type of guarding may be inflexible or impractical and also to provide secondary guarding i.e. they can be used in conjunction with an interlocked fence or light curtain to protect awkward shaped machinery. In essence, to provide presence-sensing of operators for as long as they remain inside a unsafe area.