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CNC Routers are AXYZ Internationals premium product, building and installing over 9000 CNC Routers. High quality CNC Router brands available: AXYZ, Z and Pacer.

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CNC Router Systems

CNC routers are the primary product of AXYZ International. We have sold, built and installed over 10500 CNC routers in our history, the vast majority of which continue to make parts and money for their owners long after they have been bought and paid for.

AXYZ – The most versatile machine system in the industry.

The AXYZ Series of CNC routers from AXYZ International is our flagship product. The Series line of equipment offers the most diverse combination of machine sizes, tooling configurations, and productivity options in the industry. All AXYZ Series CNC routers are manufactured in our state of the art machine factory in Burlington Ontario. High quality components and strict manufacturing processes are the hallmark of the entire AXYZ International product line.

The AXYZ Series CNC routers are the cornerstone of the entire AXYZ International product line. The construction style and engineered design of the Series products allows for machines of virtually any length in any of our standard widths. The innovative gantry design is built to handle the full complement of machine tool options we offer, from single tool automatic tool changers, to multiple carriages with multiple tools on each head.

The AXYZ Series of machines shows it’s diversity of capacity in the non-router tools that we offer on this product line. The Series line is the platform for the Knife cutting systems. The flexibility of the design and innovation of the engineering behind the AXYZ Series allows not only stand alone machines with Routers and Knife tools, but combination systems that are highly functional, multipurpose machine tools.

AXYZ Z Series – High quality machine systems on a budget price.

The Z Series of CNC routers by AXYZ International, are our entry level full sized systems. Manufactured in the same facility, and sharing many of the same components as the AXYZ and Pacer brands, the Z Series delivers a high quality machine with excellent reliability at an entry level price.

These CNC routers offer a robust base and gantry design compatible with many of the AXYZ International productivity options, including collet spindles, tangential knife, misters, AVS Vision registration system, vacuum hold down and more.

PACER – High quality, high accuracy, heavy duty routers. 

The Pacer brand of CNC routers is the very high accuracy brand of routers, built by AXYZ International. The Pacer line has a 25 year history of excellence in product design and high accuracy quality machining. The Pacer line shares the core values of high quality, process driven manufacturing to ensure excellence in design and construction.

The Pacer Series CNC routers achieve high accuracy motion and cutting performance through their helical rack drive systems and high tolerance bearing components. They are very popular in aluminum fabrication, aerospace component manufacturing and other high tolerance situations.

The Pacer Series of machines come in 4 standard sizes and can handle many of the standard AXYZ International options, including collet spindles, Automatic Tool Changer systems, misters, vacuum hold down systems and more. Look to the Pacer line of routers for excellent quality, high part accuracy and robust design.

AXYZ International has also developed several industry specific “Branded” solutions. These include:

PanelBuilder system which has been engineered and configured for ACM composite wall panel fabricators, and is built on the AXYZ Series platform. The PanelBuilder system is a complete package including machine, software, and accessories.

DuctMaker system which has been designed for HVAC fabricators working with rigid foam insulation board such as Kingspan. It is also built on the AXYZ Series platform

DieMaker systems are CNC routing solutions which have been designed for use in Die Cutting and Die Making applications. The DieMaker is built on the AXYZ Series platform and includes a custom software application.