One AXYZ CNC Router, Thousands of CNC Applications

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AXYZ CNC router range are the most versatile CNC Machines around, serving many industries: ACM, woodworking, signs & graphics, metal, plastic and many more.

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The focus on specific market applications is one of the key advantages that AXYZ International has in the industry. We believe that one of the greatest values that we can add to our customers is in our experience and knowledge in a wide range of CNC machine applications.

We have detailed several specific market segments here. These are common applications for our machines and we have a tremendous amount of experience in each of them.

A great strength of dealing with a AXYZ as a direct sales and service company is that each of our Sales and Service locations (ADC’s) are related to each other, as well as the factory. This tight connection between local managers and the engineering and product development teams ensures that when new processes are developed at any one location, they are shared amongst the group. The information flow is then passed to our customers with respect to new tools, consumables, software applications, and process applications, keeping you and your organisation informed and ready for new challenges.

As new specific applications are developed, and our knowledge base grows, we will continue to offer the value of this knowledge to our customers. Through your success comes our success and our sales and support staff are empowered to deliver the highest level of support in the industry.