CNC Machine Accuracy Options for an AXYZ CNC Router

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Accuracy options developed to enhance the accuracy of cut using material replacement methods and visual technology when working with AXYZ CNC Routers.

accuracy options for cnc routers
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Accuracy Options

AVS - AXYZ Vision System

Image - avs

The AXYZ Vision System is a high performance, low cost solution suitable for use on all AXYZ machines for a variety of applications. Using a simple, low cost camera mounted on the head of the machine, the power behind the AVS lies in its software which is fully integrated within the new AXYZ A2MC machine control system. The primary application for this new system is currently digital print finishing where the camera is able to quickly find and recognise conventional registration marks and adjust the machine cutting path as necessary to achieve exact alignment with printed shapes. The AVS is compatible with all cutting tools that can be used on an AXYZ machine such as routers, oscillating knife, tangential knife and even vinyl drag knife tools. This allows virtually any printed material to be cut including card, vinyl, rubber, foam, aluminium, wood, acrylic and lots more which opens up many new markets and opportunities for digital printers.

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Pop Up Location Pins

Image - pop-up location pins

Pop up location pins are another innovative feature, available on all AXYZ Series cnc router tables. The hardened steel pins are pneumatically activated to allow fast, repeatable placement of your cutting materials onto the machine. Pop up pins are the most reliable method of ensuring your materials are on straight, and with the full pneumatic retraction, there is no fear of any cutting tool collision with the pin. Configure your AXYZ Series machine with a minimum of three pins (three points of contact ensure your materials are on square to the machine), or more depending on your application needs. Because the pins are integrated to the deck of the machine, they are fixed in place and cannot be knocked out of alignment. The 20mm steel pins are extremely robust and can stand up to the repeated impacts of locating materials in place on the bed for the life of your machine. Requires Compressed Air 80-100 PS.

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Laser Digitiser

Image - Laser digitiser

The laser digitiser provides a fast and accurate way of capturing the geometry of any two dimensional part that is placed on the table. It is a particularly useful option for converting existing templates and fixtures into automated cutting files where original drawings do not exist.