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Cutting Sound Absorbing Panels with the Infinite


The popularity of using a CNC machine to cut cotton sound absorbing panels is on the rise. These lightweight panels provide a great barrier to blocking out noise, especially where echoing is a problem, like a recording studio or gymnasium. Popular applications include walls, ceilings, or even the corners of a room. With so many options, you’re going to need a CNC machine like the AXYZ Infinite to keep up with the pace of a very competitive industry.

How the Infinite Optimizes Cutting 

  1. Cycles times are quick, which increases your productivity levels and reducing labour costs.
  2. Accurate cutting on a consistent basis through easy-to-use software that includes a complete tool database and daily job completion reports.
  3. Levels of creativity are maximized with opportunities to soften the appearance of your panels with cuts like the 45-degree bevel cut.


It’s the most configurable CNC Router solution in the market, catering to customers looking for a CNC Router machine capable of handling the most challenging jobs. It comes with these cutting options:

  1. Oscillating knife easily slices soft or hard material, delivering clean-cut edges.
  2. Tangential knife cuts a range of harder, heavier materials, maximizing product flexibility.

Customized to Your Exact Specifications


Cotton sound absorbing panels are shipped in either 4×4 ft or 4×8 ft sized sheets. This requires a process area that can be customized to fit both options. A 4010 Infinite with a standard process area of 60” by 120” is the perfect solution to handle your sound panel fabrication requirements.


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