Drag Knives for CNC Routers

Drag Knives for CNC Routers Expand Creativity

Choosing the right knife blade for your CNC project may seem like a daunting task at first, but is actually quite simple if you keep a few things in mind. What type of material are you going to use? Is it thick and durable or thin and lightweight? Once you’ve got that all sorted out, selecting the right knife blade and achieving a superior cut quality is going to be much easier. If you’re cutting something very thin, like vinyl or a light cardstock, then the drag knife is the only knife blade you’re going to need.  It’s that simple. Now all you have to do is choose the right type of drag knife and you’re on your way.

axyz mechanical vinyl knife

Mechanical Vinyl Knife Blade

For existing CNC machine customers only.

Generally used for pre-applied vinyl cutting, this knife system features a precise down pressure adjustment and includes an adjustable depth knife holder and a 45° Roland Blade .

It’s light duty, very accurate and fastens as a separate device on to the Z axis of the machine. It easily fits vinyl cutting heads typical of a roll feed vinyl cutter and “Sharpie” type pens for drawing.  If you’d like to learn more about how you can use drawing tools with your CNC Router, contact your local customer care team.

AXYZ - 25566 Heavy Duty Collet Drag Knife Kit

Heavy Duty Drag Knife Blade

To use with spindles only.

This drag knife is ideal for cutting thicker materials, like denser card stock or certain types of rubber.

It easily fits onto a normal spindle collet and inserts into a spindle, switching between routing and knife cutting in seconds. The Raster style blades are cheap, easy to change and adjusting the spring tension is quite simple. This system is recommended for occasional standard quality knife cutting and larger pre-applied vinyl processing, as well as a variety of utility knife projects.

drag knives for cnc routers adapter

The new Kiss Cutting Drag Knife

For new CNC machine customers only.

Our latest drag knife tool expands the functionality of the AXYZ Trident, Pacer and AXYZ machines by allowing the routers to cut a wider range of materials. A larger assortment of adapters allows the device to fit into most existing spindles and tangential knife tools. The blade holder doubles as an effective pen plotter and the unit has an adjustable pressure setting permitting the knife to be used on different types and thicknesses of vinyl.


Watch how the vinyl knife and heavy duty drag knife are used together to cut the vinyl sample shown in this video.

You can also watch a summary of the different knife blades that come with the Trident CNC Router-Knife Hybrid here.


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