A2MC Controller

Taking machine control systems to a new level


The AXYZ A2MC Controller has taken machine control systems to a new level and now offers one of the most powerful machine control capabilities on the market today.

The A2MC delivers much smoother and faster motion based on S-Curve (Seven Segment Velocity) trajectories. This motion profile reduces the bounce and vibration created from sudden acceleration or deceleration in many other control systems. It is also fully NC code compatible so it will work with virtually any known CAM package including Vectric, Artcam, Type 3, Enroute, AXYZ Panelbuilder, Cabinet Vision, Mastercam, Alphacam and more.

From an operational standpoint, the A2MC Controller is managed by two advanced, ease to use and convenience methods, the AXYZ SmartConsole and A2MC Enterprise.

The SmartConsole provides the operator with easy to use and convenient features which aim to boost productivity. There are no functional limits on the job size you can run on this controller. It has been tested on three dimensional surfacing files in excess of 80 MB without any operational issues.

A2MC Enterprise is an intuitive windows based interface, with an entirely new, modular framework that allows users to easily connect with multiple machines, while benefiting from more comprehensive and user friendly applications.

The A2MC is safely enclosed in the certified machine control cabinet with the other electrical components. The cabinet is securely mounted to the machine frame, out of your production zone and saving you the excess floor space occupied by a standalone machine cabinet.

Connection to the machine controller is through a TCP/IP connection to a host LAN system. This makes file transfer to the machine essentially instantaneous. This also means that the machine can be networked, and have files transferred to it from any network location, not just one download station.

All A2MC controllers have built in self diagnostics which can also be used remotely for fast problem solving, updating and training for new operators.

These features make the A2MC the most powerful controller in the industry, available only on AXYZ CNC machines.