The most versatile CNC router-knife combination in its class

What is it?

The Trident Series, an innovative hybrid solution that offers the most versatile router/knife combination in its class. Designed specifically for the digital finishing industry, our engineering team developed a CNC Router that meets the traditional demands of the industry, while delivering overwhelming power to take on broader projects.

Why would you need it?

Digital finishers are being asked to process an ever-evolving range of materials, requiring wider, longer and deeper capabilities in order to deliver quick turnaround.

What if you could process aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, composite and corrugated materials, most types of plastic, foam, rubber, vinyl, cardboard, paper, and much more – all with one versatile and efficient machine?

What makes it unique?

This machines unique “narrowed” triple-head carriage produces an unrivalled high speed, twin knife head in which one oscillating knife, one tangential knife and a powerful router spindle work in perfect harmony. The oscillating knife fitted with a suitable blade can slice material such as soft or hard foam easily, while delivering clean-cut edges. Whereas, the tangential knife can cut the harder and heavier materials.

Fast and accurate drive systems, and live vacuum deck help to optimize performance, while an innovative stroke design allows for blades up to 4.75” to be used when processing thicker materials.

Additional options can further enhance both ability and productivity. An Automatic Tool Changer delivers efficient versatility when running multiple jobs. The optional vision system quickly locates registrations marks and automatically alters the cutting path to ensure 100% accuracy.

What are the benefits?

  • Unique narrower three head configuration – Routing Spindle, Oscillating Knife and Tangential Knife
  • Rigid steel frame for more rigorous processing
  • Exclusive live vacuum deck for optimal material hold-down
  • Helical rack and pinion system for guaranteed precision
  • Servo drive motors for high-speed performance
  • Up to 10hp routing spindles to deliver extreme power for demanding projects
  • Longer stroke knife unit to allow blades up to 4.75” long for thicker materials

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