AXYZ makes further inroads into the cut-to-print market

Having earlier added a powerful Intelligent Cutting System (ICS) to its CNC routers, AXYZ has now introduced an oscillating knife that will greatly increase the versatility of these routers in the cut-to-print market. With an optional creasing wheel attachment, these new tooling options will open up a host of new business opportunities for all existing and new AXYZ users.

The Intelligent Cutting System enabled owners of AXYZ routers that were purchased primarily for traditional routing and engraving production to engage more effectively with the digital printing market by allowing connectivity with all of the industry-leading printers and software programs. The new oscillating knife facility now greatly extends this capability by allowing the processing of flexible and semi rigid media such as foam, corrugated plastic, cardboard, rubber and leather.

The AXYZ oscillating tangential knife has been designed to provide optimum accuracy in the cutting of a wide range of digitally printed semi-rigid media up to a thickness of 40mm. Fine control of blade oscillation and tangential motion combine to ensure that the cutting blade delivers precise cutting and clean cut edges even on thicker materials without excessive over cut or fraying.

By configuring the AXYZ router with a dual or triple head and mounting a heavy duty router alongside knife tools and the camera registration ICS system, it is possible to use the same machine for processing all types of materials from heavy natural woods, MDF and aluminium to thin plastics, foam and card.

The knife unit can be fitted with a wide choice of blades having various lengths and attack angles designed to allow the processing of the greatest variety of materials. It can also be used with a creasing wheel tool for sample making and other creasing and perforating applications.

In conjunction with the AXYZ ICS facility, the new oscillating knife will deliver outstanding value on any cut-to-print requirement and generate a valuable additional revenue stream for owners of AXYZ routers.