Delivering flexibility to signmakers


AXYZ has developed a number of comprehensive CNC machining solutions and important productivity options for signmakers.

The flexibility of an AXYZ CNC router allows commercial sign fabricators to produce dimensional signage one day, aluminum letters the next morning and print-to-cut graphics that afternoon. Additional productivity options include misters for routing aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, pneumatic drills for rapid hole drilling, automatic toolchangers for a wider selection of cutting tools and an AXYZ vision system, a high-performance camera mounted on the head of the machine for print-to-cut applications.


What is the best router for Signmaking?



To support this industry we have ensured our CNC routers can process and work with all the popular sign making materials including:

AcrylicAluminumAluminum CompositesBrassFoamPlasticPVCWood


The all new AXYZ Innovator builds on the legacy of AXYZ CNC router machines manufactured to process the widest range of materials. Optimised for prototype, signs and graphics, woodworking shops,…

Signmaking Applications on a Trident CNC Router-Knife Hybrid

Signmaking Applications on a Trident CNC Router-Knife Hybrid

Trident is an innovative CNC router-knife system combining heavy-duty routing with fast knife cutting for processing the broadest range of materials in many types of manufacturing industries. Manufacture all types…

Making the Sign for the New AXYZ Calgary Office - Video

Making the Sign for the New AXYZ Calgary Office

This Video shows the making of the AXYZ Calgary office sign cut on an AXYZ 4010 Series Router, with thanks to LED Signs Calgary.  

Clear Acrylic Edge Lit Sign - Video

Clear Acrylic Edge Lit Sign

This video shows engraving and cutting an edge lit sign out of 10mm clear cast Acrylic. First we engrave at a depth of 0.8mm with a 60deg engraving bit with…

AXYZ CNC Router cutting an Acrylic and MDF sign - Video

AXYZ Router cutting an Acrylic and MDF Sign

This video shows cutting 5mm Acrylic and V carving and Cutting 15mm MDF to make a complete sign.  

AXYZ CNC Router cutting aluminum - Video

AXYZ Router cutting Aluminum Sign

This video show an AXYZ Router using multiple tools to create an Aluminum sign.  

AXYZ CNC Router V-carving wood - Video

Woodworking V-Carving

V-Carving on an AXYZ CNC Router