Point Of Purchase

AXYZ Industrial CNC Routers are critical for Point of Purchase success.


Our CNC Routers have been critical to the success of any suppliers of point-of-purchase/point-of-sale displays. The diverse nature of the products produced in this industry means that suppliers require a diverse set of capabilities. Using our CNC machines, you can create tongue and grooves, along with pilot holes ensuring assembly is increasing efficient.

Configure your CNC router with a single or multiple-head configuration, depending on the demands of your business. Add productivity options such as automatic tool changers, oscillating or tangential knife units, drill heads and our AVS Vision Registration system.

Our industrial CNC routers have the capabilities to process a multitude of materials which opens up more opportunities and helps deliver a wide range of capabilities for your manufacturing department.


What is the best router for Point of Purchase?



A CNC router from AXYZ ensures you have access to the widest range of capabilities in the industry. Use this versatility to process a wide variety of products by routing or cutting the following materials:

AcrylicBrassCorrugated CardboardCardboardAluminum CompositesFoam CoreMDFPVCSintraHoneycomb
Trident series CNC Router cutting xanita video

Trident Series cutting Xanita

The Trident Series – The most versatile router-knife combination in the market has revolutionized the graphics industry. Our Application Engineer can be seen cutting 10mm thick Xanita. The high speed…

Cutting 10mm clear acrylic

Cutting 10mm Clear Acrylic

This shows the AXYZ Router cutting 10mm clear cast Acrylic, leaving a nice polished edge finish.  

Cutting foamboard with an AXYZ Tangential Knife - Video

Cutting Foamboard with an AXYZ Tangential Knife

The Tangential Knife is a robust knife cutting tool intended for heavier, thicker and harder materials than a traditional drag knife can accommodate. A Tangential knife is a cutting blade…

Processing Xanita on an AXYZ Series CNC Router

Processing Xanita

Using twin knife tools on an AXYZ CNC Machine to process Xanita material